Sustainability Plan

Sustainable Development Efforts by IIT Jodhpur Through Use of Emerging Technologies

Overarching Goal:

Mobilize academic, fund generated, research and laboratory capabilities, student and personnel skill, and social scientific responsibility capacities of IIT Jodhpur to advance emerging technologies for knowledge preservation of adapted communities, adopt sustainable climate resilient systems, water conservation measures, natural resource management, and  achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Environmental Sustainability Training/Workshop/Events

Social Sustainability Training/Workshop/Events

Geographic Setting: Snapshot

IIT Jodhpur students and administration have unique understanding of their relationship with the environment they live in. Here on the eastern edge of the Thar Desert, they know intimately the importance of co-existing communities and their adaptations while living with resilience to extreme heat, water management, soils and the flora and fauna. While IIT Jodhpur is young, IIT Jodhpur look with bold vision toward the sustainability.

Evolution of the Sustainability Center

From 2019 IIT Jodhpur declared its commitment to making Western Rajasthan the most sustainable desert institution in India by setting up the Center for Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development (CETSD). More can be read from here.

In the meantime, IIT Jodhpur outlines its climate action plan and strategy here. It also defines some of the role of CETSD to affirm its resolve to put climate resilient technologies in the service of the location.

Carbon Emissions Audit 2019-20, IITJ

Carbon foot Print

CETSD and the Office of Infrastructure at IIT Jodhpur engage all stakeholders and receive their feedback while preparing the report. Students, faculty and staff have been quiet helpful at every step on this data inventory and archiving for carbon emmisions.

Scope 1

Scope 2

Carbon Emission Audit 2023-24, IITJ

Report on Managing Carbon Footprint 2023-2024 of IITJ