Campus Sustainability


Through the Office of Infrastructure and Center for Emerging Technologies for Sustainable
Development (CETSD)

Horticulture and Landscaping (HoLa) Related Projects

  1. Development and maintenance of Horticulture
  2. Smart Water Irrigation System
  3. Installation of Plant Fiber Mincing Machine
  4. Thatched Pathway Roofing
  5. Soil restoration
  6. Waste Segregation at Source

Society, Energy, and Environment (SEE) Projects

  1. Electric Vehicle Popularization– Battery Recharging Station
  2. Wetland Restoration and Design
  3. Digital Archiving of Flora and Fauna
  4. Carbon and Water footprint of IITJ campus
  5. Farmers Market
  6. Energy Audit
  7. Virtual connection of nearby village with doctors for Covid 19 awareness
  8. Natural Vegetation Spatial Analysis

Campus Sustainability Projects – Snapshot – 2021-22

Energy and Water Audit of Campus-Completed
Prof Sudipta Das and Team- B Tech Projects