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The authors align themselves to critical UNSDGs and have impacted the local regions in India and including Thar Desert Regions

UNSDG 3: Good Health and well being

Public Health

Journal Article

  1. Alok Ranjan, Prithivi Prakash, 2023. Elderly Health in different States of India: learnings from 75th Round National Sample Survey, 2017-18. Journal of Health Management.
  2. Naranjo-Soledad A , Smesrud L , Bandaru SR , Hernandez D , Mehare M , Mahmoud S, Matange V , Rao B , Chandana N , Balcom P , Omole DO , Alvarez-Mejia C , Lopez-Ramirez V, Gadgil A. Low-cost, local production of a safe and effective disinfectant for resource-constrained communities. PLOS Global Public Health.
  3. Alok Ranjan., Crasta, J.E. Progress towards universal health coverage in the context of mental disorders in India: evidence from national sample survey data. Int J Ment Health Syst 17, 27 (2023).
  4. Singh, S., Shukla, A., & Jain, K. (2024). Assessing the urbanization-induced impact on environmental parameters of a city from a remote-sensing perspective. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment,34,101169.

UNSDG 4: Quality Education 

NEP 2020 / Rural Education

Book Chapter

  1. Ahmad, M., and Plappally, A. K., 2021, Emerging Technologies in Teaching and Learning Processes, in Mapping Innovations- An Outlook of Stakeholders, NSD 2021 BLR- Collection of Award winning and Selected Essays, Sanchi Foundation , TechfizInc Publishers, Bengaluru, India


  1. Vivek Vijay 2021, Mai Vidyalay Bol Raha Hoon, Rajasthani Grinthagar (Hindi), For more

 UNSDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Conference Paper

Rajkumar Satankar, Anand Krishnan Plappally, Deepak Saxena, Timothy Savage, P. J. Wall, A Socio-Cultural Perspective on Technology for Environmental Sustainability: The Case of Filtering Water Pots (G-filters) in Rajasthan, India, 18th IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing – IFIP)Working Group 9.4 Conference on the Implications of Information and Digital Technologies for DevelopmentCapetown, South Africa20-22 May 2024, 2024

Journal paper

AuliaNazar, Chandana N and Daniel, How do Mothers in Suburban Areas Dispose of Toddler Feces and What are Their Perceptions About It? A Case Study From The City of Kendari, Indonesia, WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health.

Reuse of waste

Down to Earth Article

A new field experiment shows that fertiliser derived from faecal sludge can improve crop yields by Neha, Namita, Chandana N, Jitesh, Atun Roy.

Book Chapter

1. Vishal, A., Chandana N. (2023). Assessment of Micro-Strength Properties and Strength Enhancement of the Biomass Aggregate Concrete. In: Vilventhan, A., Singh, S.B., Delhi, V.S.K. (eds) Advances in Construction Materials and Management. ACMM 2022. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 346. Springer, Singapore.

Chandana N, Akula Vishal, Evaluating bacterial concrete as a solution for construction debris., Material and Energy Recovery from Solid Waste for a Circular Economy, 22-43, DOI:

UNSDG 15: Life on Land

Sustainability of Water

Sustainable Agriculture Strategies for Water Conservation

Book Chapter

  1. Pankaj Jakhar, Deepak Kumar Yadav, Sunil Duhan, S. Sunitha, Anand K Plappally, Growth Analysis of Cassava in Semi-Arid region using Novel Subsurface Porous Vessel Irrigation Method, 5th International Agronomy Congress 2021, Vol. 3, Agri-Innovations to Combat Food and Nutrition Challenges 23-27 November 2021, PJTSAU, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Subtopic – ICT applications in Agriculture

Nighojkar, A., Pandey, S., Naebe, M. et al. Using machine learning to predict the efficiency of biochar in pesticide remediation. npj Sustain. Agric. 1, 1 (2023).


Book Chapter

  1. Ravi Bhandari and Anand Krishnan Plappally, Affordable ICT Solutions for Water Conservation Using Sensor-Based Irrigation Systems for Use in Arid Agriculture in Thar Desert Region of India, Chapter 8 of Smart Agriculture for Developing Nations Status, Perspectives and Challenges, 2023, Advanced Technologies and Societal Change Series, Springer, Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries, 95-118.

UNSDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Ahmad, M., Nighojkar, A. & Plappally, A. A review of the methods of harvesting atmospheric moisture. Environ Sci Pollut Res (2023).


Deep Gaudani, Nitish Jain, Mukund Kumar, Pradeep Dammala, Sudipta Das and Anand Plappally, 2023, The Carbon Footprint Calculations of IIT Jodhpur Campus for year 2019-2020, at International conference on environmental sustainability and geographical sciences, Aravalli International group of Conferences, 16-18 December 2023, Seth Gyaniram Bansidhar Podar College, Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, India.

Sub-topic – River Modeling


  1. Himanchal, Aman Meena, Sunil Duhan, Meraj Ahmad, Pankaj Jakhar, Aswathy Puthukkulam, Vinayak Shedekar, Asmita Murumkar, Anand Plappally, 2021 Modeling of Jojari river in semi-arid western Rajasthan, India using the geospatial techniques and 1D flow model analysis, BRICS NUs: Water Resource and Pollution Treatment [WRPT-21] International Conference, 6th-8th July, 2021.

Localization of SDGs


  1. Anjana R Nair, Prathamesh Gavande, Shafaqat Hussain, Varun Sharma, Meraj Ahmad, Sunil Duhan, Himanchal, Nirmal Gehlot, Ram Singh , Prasenjeet Tribhuvan, Vivek Vijay, Anand Krishnan Plappally, Kare Jo Unnat: Exploration for Localization of Sustainable Development Goals, at International Conference on Accounting, Banking, Economics Research and Social Sciences, Aravalli International group of Conferences 16-18 December 2023, Seth Gyaniram Bansidhar Podar College, Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, India.

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